Welcome to the Kurt Hummel Wiki.
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Welcome to the Kurt Hummel Wiki

Hiya fellow wikians! If you're here, that means that you were curious, bored, I forced you to come here and check this place out, or you're as obsessed with Kurt as me! This wiki is completely dedicated to one Kurt Hummel. Feel free to join the wiki and help us build it with editing, adding pages and pictures, and recomending it to your friends. If you just want to sit back and read all about Kurt E. Hummel, then it might be a while before I (and whoever else helps) get this wiki well built. Thanks for coming!

Help us, please!

Hi! As you can probably tell, this wiki is in desperate need of assistance. We are currently very low on articles, edits, users, and so much more. If you visit this wiki, please help in some way! It can be something as simple as editing a typo from an article or something as big as creating a new page! Either way, if you really do want to help, and you can't find anything to do, come to me and I (KurtsieGirlForever2) will find a job for you.


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